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Hi! I'm Chef Ash Jeeves or Chef Jeeves for short. My career whimsically began in Nov 2017 as a New York girl who knew she could cure some of her home sick feelings with a taste of home, literally. Los Angeles opened my mind to the idea of food as a career instead of a hobby. What happened after was a whirlwind. Culinary Arts degree from the Institute of Culinary Education, managing the front of house of an incredible restaurant and then the fairytale...moving to work for a culinary school in Tuscany for 4 months. After returning to LA, my private cheffing career began and grew in a way I could've only dreamed of.

Now my resume consists of private chef, company chef, menu and recipe r&d, restaurant consultant, food photography, food and beverage management, personal shopper, wedding cake design, kitchen/pantry organization, craft beer creation, small end catering and cookbook development. 


To present I have had the pleasure of building an A-list clientele roster including, some of Los Angeles and New York's most elite businesses, celebrities and athletes. As I currently transition into motherhood, my passion has not diminished but is ever evolving. One fun outlet that this past year has helped me to explore is creating a unique menu of chef driven beers with my cicerone fiancé Lee Roy. Check it out at A Beer Tale Brewing Company. We create flavors from scratch and can even custom commission elite beers for your most special events.

My style summarized is New York comfort meets Southern California farmers market. Fresh, fun, unique. 

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